FERC Issues Favorable Final Environmental Impact Statement

May 15, 2014

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has issued the Final Environmental Imapct Statement (FEIS) for the Downeast LNG project. The FEIS is applicable for the import project but also simplifies and shortens the review process for the bi-directional facility. Downeast LNG will be submitting its applctaion to amend the FEIS as a bi-directioal terminal in the near future.

View the FEIS here

Downeast LNG

Downeast LNG is a 3 million ton LNG export project with the nearest access to the stranded northeast Marcellus gas reserves than any proposed LNG export project. The project also has access to western Canadian gas. Both sources of gas can be transported on the existing pipeline system to the project.

In 2014, Downeast LNG successfully completed the FERC review process for its originally proposed LNG import project. The project initiated a new FERC filing in July of 2014 as a bi-directional LNG project and in August of 2014 filed its DOE export request for Free-Trade and Non-Free Trade countries. In March of 2015 it received its FTA authorization from the DOE. The facility will also have the capability of importing LNG if market conditions warrant additional gas supply in the future.

The Downeast LNG terminal will consist of an Air Products 3 million ton liquefaction train, one storage tank, a small re-gasification plant, a pier to receive LNG carriers, and a natural gas pipeline that will connect the facility to the existing Maritimes and Northeast Pipeline.

The project plans to source gas at Wright, NY and transport it via the existing pipeline system through Canada to Maine or via the currently proposed Kinder Morgan Northeast Direct project that would run from Wright to Dracut, MA.

In January of 2006, the people of Robbinston voted 227 to 83 in support of the Downeast LNG project in a special town election, and the project subsequently received approval of its land use permit applications from the Robbinston Planning Board. The project is currently preparing Resources Reports and its engineering design which it plans on filing over the next few months.

The Downeast LNG project will bring good paying jobs to Washington County and help reduce the cost of natural gas in Maine and New England through the projectís support of new gas pipeline infrastructure to increase gas supply in order to meet the increasing demand of natural gas use in the region.  


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