If you want to improve your mood every time at home, begin a day with enthusiasm, or simply alter your familiar space a bit, don’t forget to bring these 5 things there as soon as possible.

1. Mirrors Can Significantly Enlarge Your Bedroom

Essential as it is, the mirror is mostly utilised for the make-up, embellishing clothes and hair. A mirror can indeed reflect everything before it, and that is why there is frequently a big mirror on the houses’ wall. However, as bedroom is always bright at day, your mirror should not take up too much space as it can reflect the light and cause some inconvenience.

Modern bright bedroom with mirrors

According to the Feng Shui, there are some noted points when you are going to put a mirror in your house:

  • The mirror is not big. 
  • The mirror is not facing the bed.
  • The mirror is not above the headboard.

2. Oil Burners Give You Your Favorite Smell And More

As you may know, virgin oil can be an effective kind of repellent everywhere. On top of that, the relaxing acrid of those tiny drops is relatively beneficial for your mood and minds.

According to researchers, some types of virgin oil have certain effects. For example, both lemon and lemongrass virgin oil can be decongestant and treat flu, melaleuca oil can be germicide, reduce cough and clean the air, ginger virgin oil can alleviate headache, sauna, dizziness, to name just a few.

Oil burners come with various design.

Virgin oil is not only for a healthy but also eco-friendly lifestyle, which is advisable for people these days. However, for the oil to better permeate, the oil burners need deploying.

There a wide range of oil burners available. You can easily pick one up to your liking. Now, purchase yourself a lovely oil lamp and enjoy the quality air of your bedroom.

3. Dream Catchers Assure You Nice Nights

Do you suffer from insomnia sometimes? Do you dream a lot, which disturbs your relaxing night?

It is believed that dream catchers serve as a filter that only positive dreams can go through and enter your sleep. At present, dream catchers have become a common decorative item in the bedroom, art galleries, boutiques, etc.

Dream catcher can be hung on the window frame or headboard also.

Dream catcher in a child’s bedroom

Are you a believer in dream catcher’s effects? Why not hang one in your bedroom and see the change?

4. Cactus Pots Cleanse The Air In The Room

It is constantly commendable to live in communion with nature. One reason for this, is that it makes the air fresher and then people more comfortable.

As you may have already now, the operation of digital gadgets such as a computer, laptop, television, smartphone, and many more does release UV and many other toxic kinds of air. This emission does harm to  people, ranging from their skins, eyes to minds.

So what you ought to do now? You do certainly not skip your task or leisure activities at home that involve technical devices. How about the consequence?

Put a cactus pots in the bedroom for healthy and eco- green life

In this situation, resort to a cactus pot. Why cactus?

1 – Cactus can absorb the UV and other harmful substances in the air, thus placing one on the headboard, desk or bookshelf is advisable.

2- Cactus does not require regular care or even water intake, it is very convenient for individuals who are always busy.

3 – Cactus pots for decoration are prevalent and inexpensive.

5. Water Bottles Response To Your Body’s Demand

Being healthy means happiness. Listen to your body all the time and everywhere, even in your bedroom to enjoy yourself. Dehydration steals your energy and activeness. Do you think letting your hair down in the bedroom without water supply is good?

Positively, water bottles now come with many shapes and designs. They can be a conventional bottle, a tube, a mini lovely pot with the tap, which caters for everyone’s taste.

Adequate intake of water everyday right in your bedroom

If you find drinking enough water difficult, provide yourself with water bottles, set alarms all day long from the smartphone and then practice this healthy habit.


In conclusion, a perfect bedroom is the place that you can live and enjoy your life peacefully, delightedly, and healthy. If you want to greater feeling and inspiration in your bedroom, bring there at least one of five aforementioned items, do as told above and show us the fruits.