Stress comes from many sources in your life. It is a nightmare to deal with stress – both physically and mentally. Therefore, soothing those negativities is necessary for those who are suffering from intense pressure in their daily life. Then what should we do?

The stress reducing process will work the magic when we combine it with a comfortable, cozy, and quiet place, especially your sleeping area. Lying on the bed is proven to calm people down and immensely shorten their pressure level.

How to perfectly relax on your bed? The answer is, without a doubt, a good night’s sleep within six to eight hours. If you are looking for other methods to relax while laying on your bed, then keep on reading! 

Ways To Relieve Stress When You’re On Your Bed

1. Bring Your Work Onto Your Comfy Bed

Working for long hours at the company, specifically at a desktop can lead to physical stress. Sitting too long on chairs may build up pressure onto your feet, which results in weakening them in the long term, thus affecting your blood flow. It can further lead to destroying the muscles that control your feet movements if you spend too much time staying still.

Your work, if possible to work from home, can be re-positioned from your desk to your bed for more comfort while still maintaining your productivity. The sit-up position on your bed may be able to relax your body after a stressful day at work.

Your bed provided with pillows can optimize your sitting position. It helps you to relax your muscles and bones from fatigues derived from sitting on your desk at work for a long period of time. 

If you are interested, consider having one of the models of a sit-up pillow while working on your bed to soothe all your physical stress away and maximize your productivity.

2. Enjoy Some Entertainments On Your Bed Before Sleeping

Not only are you vulnerable to physical stress, but mental stress is also the matter that counts. To be able to relax and forget about all the misery problems in your life, try turning up your TV and select your favorite channel. This can help you to distract you away from troubles, thus you can gain a night of better sleep. 

Another kind of entertaining method is music. Different music conveys different emotions. If you are sad, try to lighten your mood with some upbeat music like Finesse, Uptown Funk from Bruno Mars, or the classic Happy by Pharell Williams. Music heals you in many ways. Listening to some music on your bed is sure to give you the comfort you need before sleep.

To gain maximum pleasure from these methods, an accompanying pillow is in need to boost your mood up. Considering one of the following in this link to find the pillow optimizing your position.

3. Make Sure Your Pillows Aren’t Killing You

Your sleep is affected by many factors, not only from external sources but also from normal things you may not realize such as: leaning postures when you are sleeping, spine position when you are standing or sitting. The main cause of your body pain, which is one of the dangerous reasons leading to stress, comes from your sleeping pillow. 

Sleeping postures are vital in forming your body structure. Leaning postures, if overdone, can lead to extreme backache or maybe fatal spine damage. Also, sleeping with wrong postures can put unnecessary pressure onto your chest, resulting in cardiac problems.

In order to minimize those problems from an early age, you need to fully know which is the best posture to sleep, and having a pillow associated with your sleep is a must. Choosing one from these pillows that help you to soothe your stress.

4. Use Essential Oil Lamp – Aroma Diffusers To Relieve Stress

One interesting method you should definitely try is to use aroma diffusers. The soothing aroma comes from essential oils, which are carefully extracted from natural herbs or flowers that contain chemicals to relieve one’s mind and bring relaxation to that person. This method is very common in spa treatments. 

How do aroma diffusers work, you may ask? It is very simple. Any kind of diffuser uses a heater – may be natural (candles) or artificial (electric) – to heat a solution composed of essential oils and water. This solution will vaporize and the oil vapor will diffuse into the air, fulfilling the atmosphere around it with warm and healing scents.

If you are interested in this method, we can suggest several aromas with different effects to see which one best suits you:

  • Lemon – lemongrass oil can help you to clean any odors with the clean scent of lemon & aromatic lemongrass, which can best relieve one’s stress.
  • Lavender oil is the best for soothing your heartbeat and refreshing your atmosphere, thus enhancing your focus range and productivity.
  • Cinnamon oil is best used to cure any cardiac problems and prevent heart failures, and also can be used to boost one’s strength.

5. Clean Up Your Bed

A dirty bedroom cannot bring any relaxation for you. Therefore, having a neat, tidy bed is very essential for each and everybody of us. There are a lot of advantages when it comes to tidying. The most important reason is that it can gradually reduce your stress level.

We each spend more than one-third of the day lying on your bed, and the bed image has a great impact on our mood. It is impossible to feel cozy and comfortable in a messy bed covered in mountains of unorganized pillows and stuff. A clean bed doesn’t need to be “white clean” but a basic tidying process is needed.

Research shows that walking into a nicely cleaned bedroom, with an organized bed can establish the feeling of being cared for, which boosts up your mood immensely and eventually reduces stress. Therefore, you can try to clean up your bed every morning before getting to work. We ensure that this method can lighten up your mood for the whole day.


This is the end of our tips to help you to remove stress away while still in contact with your bed. We hope that you can find the answers through our article. Health is better than anything, therefore remember to be more positive in life and stay away from negativities. In case you have your own advice and want to share it, we are here to listen. Thank you for reading!